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bulletTiming accuracy of 1/1,000th of a second
bulletUp to 5 traps (beams) per lane
bulletAutomatic Pairing
bullet"Qwik pair" for the announcer. Shows current pairing after each run.
bulletDifferent Race Types
bulletHeads Up
bulletBrackets (with or without Dail-in)
bulletName your own classes
bulletUnlimited Number of classes
bulletPair on...
bulletHeads up ET
bulletBreakout ET
bulletClosest to Dial-in
bulletAssociation Record Checking and notification
bulletTimeslip Printing
bulletAutomatic or Manual
bulletRecall / Review any run at any time
bulletBeam alignment tools
bulletRacers and Owners Database
bulletMany Comprehensive Reports
bulletMailing Labels
bulletMembership tracking and notification
bulletLadders sheets (up to 32 racers per class)
bulletAutomatic Pairing
bulletUser Programmable
bulletQuick and Easy Registration 
bulletRacers cannot run unless registered
bulletbump racers to different classes
bulletSecond Chance Racing
bulletDrives the Calco Scoreboard if installed
bulletMuch Much More !!!!!


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Last modified: January 28, 2009